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Friday, November 15, 2013

Dr. Chen on The Suntrim® plus Difference

We are what we eat, so it’s no big secret why we’re overweight—we eat too much. So how do we eat less naturally and what will happen to the fat already accumulated in your body? SunTrim® Plus is the solution. There are many differences between SunTrim® Plus and other weight-loss products on the market.

  • Decreases Stomach Capacity Naturally. If your stomach has a two liter capacity, Suntrim® Plus will lessen it to one liter or less.* As your stomach's volume capacity decreases and is reset to its natural capacity, you will require less food to feel satisfied thereby supporting long-term weight loss.
  • Breaks Down Fat Already Accumulated. Each highly concentrated ingredient such as green coffee bean and garcinia mangosteen works together to help the stomach digest and breakdown fat already accumulated in the stomach, thighs, legs, and rear, and flush it from your system.*
  • Highly Concentrated. Most products simply grind up green coffee bean, capsule it, and sell it. It's not concentrated. Every ingredient in SunTrim® Plus is very highly concentrated. It takes 360 pounds of green coffee bean just to get 5-6 pounds if extract for SunTrim® Plus. It's incredibly hard to concentrate, but we are able to do it because we invested in the right machinery.
  • No Harsh Stimulants. Many weight-loss supplements rely on harsh or dangerous amounts of stimulants such as ma huang or guarana (which can be 10-15 times more stimulating than coffee). SunTrim® Plus uses just a small amount of naturally occurring caffeine (found naturally in the green coffee bean extract) to jump start your body's metabolism.
  • Doesn't Stretch the Stomach. Other products stretch the stomach with ingredients your body cannot digest well. This becomes a vicious cycle: the stomach stretches out, your waistline expands, the larger stomach requires more food volume (calories) to feel satiated, and you gain more weight.
  • Is Not an Appetite Suppressor. Appetite suppressors are also widely used. It works on the brain to depress you so you don't want to eat anything which is very unhealthy and unsustainable long term. SunTrim® Plus does not suppress the appetite. 

**Excerpt from Sunrider Newsletter May/June 2013 Volume 5, Number 3

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