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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kandesn® & Oi-Lin® Skin Care

Kandesn® and Oi-Lin® skin care products cleanse, balance, and nourish the skin for a radiant, healthy glow. Sunrider only uses the finest herbal extracts and vegetable-based ingredients available. When you try Sunrider's Kandesn® and Oi-Lin Skin® Care Trial Sets, you will immediately notice a visible difference. Sunrider also offers a wide range of special skin care treatments, personal care, spa, and hair care products so you can look and feel beautiful from head to toe!

When ever I run into friends and family that I haven't seen for a while, they always ask me how have I been able to keep my skin looking so young. I always tell them it is because of the great Kandesn® & Oi-Lin® Skin Care products that I use on a daily basis.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vitalite® Weight Management & Active Lifestyle Formulas

Sunrider® products are part of a healthy, active lifestyle. Super formulas such as Dr. Chen™ MetaBooster™ and Vitalite® SportCaps® help your body perform at peak levels. Whether you are trying to lose or maintain weight, Sunriders® Vitalite® weight management program safely helps you transition into a permanently healthy lifestyle.
These are just a few of our Active Lifestyle and Vitalite®Weight Management products.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sunrider Herbal Concentrates

Sunrider offers the most innovative, cutting-edge herbal concentrates available. Feel confident with Veros® and Bella®. Balance your body's five systems with Quinary®. Start your day with Sunrise®. When you eat any of their exclusive herbal concentrates, you will feel healthier, younger, and more energetic.
These are just a few of our Sunrider® Herbal Concentrates. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunrider® herbal foods and beverages

Sunrider® herbal foods and beverages are world-renowned for their delicious taste and exceptional quality. Our best-selling herbal beverages, Calli® and Fortune Delight®, contain concentrated antioxidants to assist the body's natural cleansing processes. Vitalite® SunBar® and VitaShake®nourish and cleanse your body with wholesome ingredients such as soy protein, coix fruit, and psyllium.
These are just a few of our Sunrider® Herbal Foods and Beverages. See a demonstration of our Fortune Delight®here

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Philosophy of Regeneration: 4Principles for Optimal Health

1. Nourish + Cleanse = Balance
Sunrider products nourish (yin) and cleanse (yang) your body to achieve balance.  Balance is necessary for optimal health. 

2. Foods, not chemicals
Your body is designed to recognize foods, not chemicals. Most supplements are missing the life structure that your body recognizes as food.

3. Variety
There is no perfect food or ingredient. A variety of nutrients and products are necessary for a healthy body.

4. Owner Expertise
Owner expertise is important in the health and beauty industry to evaluate the safety, quality, and effectiveness of products.

Dr. Tei-fu Chen has a degree in pharmacy and is a world-renowned herbalist. Dr. Oi-lin Chen is a licansed medical doctor in the United States. They lead a team of scientists to research, formulate, and manufacture all of Sunrider's products.