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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oral Hygiene

Did you know that the chemical, Sodium Laurel Sulfate in regular toothpaste causes canker & mouth soars, and can contributes to mouth cancer?  My dentist warns his patients to not use products that contain it. 

Did you also know that Fluoride is a waste product that they use to etch glass?  It is a very strong chemical that eats the enamel from our teeth, yet it is in most commercial toothpaste. Do you know that there is a warning on most toothpaste against children using and swallowing  toothpaste with fluoride in it? 

Did you know that Sunrider's Sunsmile Toothpaste, Whitening Gel and Refresher Drops do not contain these harmful chemicals?  It is an excellent Oral Hygiene program we all can use safely. It tastes good, and is more effective than regular toothpaste.  It is very concentrated, so you only need a small amount, the size of a small pea.

I use a small amount of Sunrider's Sunsmile  Toothpaste, Whitening Gel and 1 drop of Refresher Drops on my toothbrush, each time I brush. Then I use a few drops in my water pick reservoir and get the refresher drops between my teeth to kill bacteria and help prevent gum disease. I believe it is more effective than flossing.

Did you know that the  Sunsmile Refresher Drops are basically the same as Fruit and Vegetable Rinse, but taste better?  They are designed for oral hygiene, to help kill bacteria in the mouth.  You can also put a few drops in water and rinse your mouth, after brushing or anytime you want to refresh your mouth or kill bacteria.  This product is effective to gargle with for soar throats also.

 Did you know that Refresher Drops do not contain alcohol, like most  other mouth washes do? 

Do you know about Sunrider's Sunsmile Tabs?  You can use them anytime you want to refresh your mouth with a breath mint.  Or you can chew them and swish the saliva between your teeth, to help remove plaque when you can't brush your teeth.  They also nourish the vocal chords so we can sing or talk better. Professional vocalists love them.  I use them all the time, as I travel internationally, doing lectures and SR training's, all over the world.  They keep me in "good voice".

I have switched to Sunrider's Sunsmile oral hygiene program.  Have You?  If not I encourage you to place your order soon with a Sunrider IBO.

 These products are very economical, because they are concentrated.  A tube of the toothpaste  will last a long time, and is cheaper in the long run, than other brands. And Sunrider's Sunsmile products are much more effective.  Give it a try today.

It is important to preserve our teeth.  They work so much better than the "store bought" oral hygiene products.
Don't delay, Start you day, the Sunrider Way!!

Your Sunrider Friend,
Sharon Farnsworth Ekins

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