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Friday, June 1, 2012

Sunrider’s Summer Solutions

Make the Season Easy & Breezy
Nix warm weather worries with Sunrider’s summer solutions, and have a sunfilled, carefree summer that’s happy and healthy.

•  Don’t let scorching heat and high
temperatures affect your summer
fun. Fortune Delight®, Sunrider 
VitaFruit®, and Electrosport® all make
perfect hydration companions for your
summer adventures.

•  Slather on Oi-Lin® Deep Moisture 
Lotion SPF 25 for superior protection
from the sun’s menacing rays with
this broad spectrum UVA and UVB

•  If sun does get the better of you,
though, smooth on Oi-Lin® Replenish 
Gel to cool, moisturize, and rehydrate
with aloe extract and bisabolol.

•  The soothing emollients in Oi-Lin® 
Lip Replenish Gel are wonderful for
burned, dry, or chapped lips, and it
also helps combat the effects of free

•  Following vigorous summer activities
and workouts, try SunBreeze® Oil 
& Balm for a soothing massage and
relaxing experience.

•  Conco™ nourishes the respiratory
system with a combination of
                                                           “warming” (cleansing, yang energy)
                                                           and “cooling” (nourishing, yin energy)
                                                           herbs.* Perfect for your outdoor

                                                          •  With summer sweating comes summer
                                                          smelling. Squelch the stink with
                                                          Kandesn® Herbal Deodorant as it
                                                           helps eliminate bad odors. 
                                                           •  Avoid post-picnic issues with 
                                                           Assimilaid®. A combination of herbs 
                                                           helps the body process food quickly 
                                                           and efficiently, and it also contains 
                                                           atractylodes root which has long been 
                                                           used in folk medicine to aid stomach 

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